Escaping German winter – with a 3-week work-travel to Madrid, Spain!

Germany in winter is cold, dark, rainy … and do you remember sunshine? – Not much of that in Germany in December.
That’s why I was very happy to have the opportunity for a three-week visit to the Observatory Astronomico National in Madrid in Spain!

During these (still ongoing) days, I already had the chance to give talks about my work at both the University of Madrid (recoding on YouTube) and the observatory! Great thanks to Miguel Querejeta, Patricia Sánchez-Blázquez and Enrica Bellocchi for the organization!

The main reason for my visit (the sunshine is just the bonus…) is to work with colleagues on our newly obtained data set from SWAN. This unique data set allows us to study the laws of star formation out of dense molecular gas at high resolution in several regions in the Whirlpool galaxy at the same time. For more info you can check out my “project” page.
With many experts on dense molecular gas chemistry and dynamics working at the Observatory in Madrid, I could not miss the chance to visit them and discuss future and ongoing projects.

Big thank you to Enrica Bellocchi for creating this beautiful advertisement for my talk last week!

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