In my private time, I enjoy expressing my creativity, as well as going outside for activities

  • playing the piano
  • painting and drawing
  • Japanese calligraphy
  • Japanese tea ceremony
  • baking

Tea 茶

My interest in Japanese tea is reflected by my steadily-growing tea equipment!
As a co-founder of the MPIA tea club, I spend my time searching for flavors in tea from all over the world.

Heptathlon and Discus

A majority of my time I spend training at the TSG78 Heidelberg, including all throwing disciplines, but also trying out additional ones like pole vaulting.
My official athletic competition record goes back to 2020, when I started athletics.
Apart from that, I enjoy going outside for some inline skating, hiking and biking.

< Discus in Tenero 2024 (training camp)

< Shot put at the “Qualitage” (competition) 2023 in Heidelberg